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CT Pest InspectionUnbiased Pest & Termite Inspections & Water TestingServices throughtout CT, can save you money in the long run. Our loyalty lies with YOU. Not your realtor, not you lender, not your attorney not your builder but YOU and YOU alone.

Do you know that most of the "big name" pest control companies in Connecticut pay their pest inspectors straight commission on SERVICES SOLD? Now isn't that just a "little" conflict of interest? How objective and impartial do you feel the outcome of your "pest inspection" report will be if they are paid on services they sell you?

Unbiased pest inspections, water testing, and well inspections are crucially important to receive an accurate report of the conditions present.

Today with the internet you can find pest inspectors and testing professionals in your area simply by typing pest inspection, city , state / termite inspection city, state / water testing, city, state into Google or whatever search tool you use.

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Pest Inspection CT: Pests can already be in your “New” Home

June 15th, 2013

Pest Inspection CT New Home PestsPest Inspection CT – Pests can already be in your “New” Home.  While you would expect your brand-new Connecticut home to be clean and pest-free, it’s actually pretty common to find out certain pests have already arrived ahead of you. These are usually insects that were either already in the building materials or that are attracted to the high moisture levels in a new home.

Many wood-boring insects infest dying or freshly fallen trees or unseasoned wood that is waiting to be processed or milled. The beetle larvae can continue to develop in the wood after it has been used in your house. (more…)

Water Testing CT: Coliform and E.Coli Bacteria in Your Well

May 15th, 2013

Water Testing CT Ecoli coliform BacteriaWater Testing CT: Coliform and E.Coli Bacteria in Your Well.  Bacteria exist in many Connecticut well waters, especially shallow or poorly constructed wells under the influence of water from the surface. However even if your well is a deep properly constructed well, it can become accidentally contaminated by coliform bacteria.

Septic tanks can contaminate drinking water wells with bacteria. In some cases, wells are contaminated as a result of recent service or pump repair work.

Other sources of bacterial contamination may include run-off from yards, feedlots, pastures, and other farm land areas where animal waste products are deposited. Insect pests, rodents and/or wildlife coming into the well can also cause E.coli or coliform bacteria pollution. Harmful bacteria can enter a water source by means of floods or possibly by surface run-off during heavy periods of rain in CT. (more…)

Radon Testing CT: How to Prevent Radon

April 10th, 2013

Radon Testing CT Prevent RadonRadon Testing CT:  How to Prevent Radon.  Radon gas in Connecticut can be prevented with radon mitigation systems. These systems are like a vacuum for the soil under your home. They are installed by certified radon remediation professionals and are become permanent components of your home.

They are comprised of suction pipes that enter the soil under the concrete floor or a crawl space vapor barrier, a radon fan, and an exhaust pipe to vent the radon gas out into the atmosphere above the home. They run continuously to grab the radon from the soil before it can enter the your home home. (more…)