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Water Testing CTWater Testing CT. Certified Well Water Testing, Water Analysis and Water Potability Testing throughout Connecticut for FHA Mortgages, VA Mortgages, Conventional Mortgages, FHA Refinances, VA Refinances, Conventional Mortgage Refinances, Food License Renewal, Langlier Index, Certificate of Occupancy and more.

A water quality test is conducted to determine the mineral and chemical composition of the water supply. This test also determines whether or not bacteria is present.

Lead in Water Testing

Lead is a metal formerly used in soldering joints in plumbing systems. It is now prohibited, but many houses still have lead in their plumbing systems. Lead can build up in the body and cause health problems down the road. Reference Range: limit is .015 mg/L

Radon in Water Testing

Radon is well water is has become a growing concern. Radon can enter directly into the living areas of the home by escaping into the air through, water faucets, showers, baths, etc. Reference Range: 5000 pCi/L

Volitile Organic Chemical Testing

Can indicate contamination from petroleum products, degreasing agents, pesticides, herbicides or other man-made organic compounds. Some of these compounds have been linked to cancer in humans.

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